sprinxle management console

Available On-Premise or in the Cloud, the Sprinxle Management Console is the perfect solution to manage your Intel ® vPro™ technology. Built on HTML 5, and available as an Android, Windows and iOS app, the Sprinxle Management Console allows IT to easily manage their environment and take advantage of the powerful features that Intel vPro technology has to offer including Remote Secure Erase, Remote KVM, IDE-Redirection, Bare Metal Imaging and much more!

With the Sprinxle Management Console, IT Managers can utilize the Intel® vPro™ technology within their environments.

Intel vPro Functionality with the Sprinxle Management Console

sprinxle management console functionality

The Sprinxle Management Console was designed for customers who do not utilize a management console or whose existing console does not fully integrate with Intel® vPro™ technology. Available in the iOS, Android and Windows app stores, the Sprinxle Management Console can now extend and simplify Out-of-Band Management to your mobile devices!

Manageability Features

  • Remote Secure Erase
  • Asset Informaton/Hardware Inventory
  • Asset Power Management
  • Power Event Scheduling
  • Power Management (Multiple Asset)
  • Power Event Scheduling (Multiple Asset)
  • Remote control-KVM
  • IDE-Redirection
  • Serial over LAN
  • Event Logs
  • Extended Hardware Information
  • Power Packege/User Consent Setting
  • Time Synchronization
  • Visualizations
    • Temperature
    • Voltage
    • Humidity
    • Air Flow
    • Power Cosumption
    • Pressure etc...
  • Downtime/Uptime
  • On Network/Off Network
  • Power Consuption Historical Graph
  • Temperature Historical Graph
  • Comparative Graphs
    • Power Consumption
    • Downtime/Uptime