Intel® Remote Secure Erase

February 2016

Intel® Remote Secure Erase

An exclusive feature of the Intel® SSD Professional Family

When a PC is retired or repurposed, information security policies often require data be “wiped” from the drive. Wiping can be difficult and time consuming. Intel® Remote Secure Erase offers a better solution.

    • Effectively wipes all data from the targeted PC within seconds
    • Intel® vPro Technologyenables secure management, even if the system is sleeping, shutdown or OS image is corrupt
    • Safely and confidently repurpose SSDs
    • Integrated with familiar IT management consoles
    • Functions independent of power state, OS state or management agent
    • Provides completion status reporting log
    • No need for 3rdparty erasure costs
    • Save significant administrative time without having to remove the SSD

Providing IT administrators a method for wiping an Intel SSD with a familiar
IT management console when retiring or repurposing a system

Intel® Remote Secure Erase - Vision

Intel® Solid State Drive Professional Family

Better Security Coverage Plug Industry Known Security Gaps

Better User Experience Improve Security User Experience No compromise in Performance

Better IT Solutions Solve IT Pain Points

Better Solutions by being Platform Connected

Intel® Remote Secure Erase –How it Works

An exclusive feature of the Intel® SSD Professional Family

Simple 2-Step Process to Initiate
1 Select target system(s)
2 Send “remote secure erase” command
What Happens Behind the Scenes
1 Intel® AMT management console locates target system(s) by means of internet / intranet
2 Command received on vProTMequipped system
3 Intel® AMT passes command to BIOS
4 BIOS sends secure erase command to SSD
5 Data is erased and encryption key is deleted
6 BIOS confirms completion status to remote console
what is intel vrpo 1 - Intel® SSD Professional Family, compatible PC and management software with an AMT activated environment are required

Intel® Remote Secure Erase –Ecosystem Readiness

Uncompromised Quality ▪ Trusted Brand ▪ Platform Connected

OEM Partner*

  • OEM Platform provides:
  • Compatible Intel® SSD
  • Intel® Remote Secure Erase compatible PC and
  • Intel® Active Management Technology compatible systems

Software ISV Partners* (select one of the following)

intel ISV Partners
  • Software includes:
  • Compatible management software
  • AMT activation capable

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Intel® Remote Secure Erase – Repurposing Mixed Use Cases

Uncompromised Quality ▪ Trusted Brand ▪ Platform Connected

Benefits of the Intel Remote Secure Erase solution:

Agent-based Solution Intel® Remote Secure Erase Solution Intel Advantage
Erase method Crypto-erase Crypto-erase + NANDerase An extra level of protection when protecting data. A validated solution
Power state support PC on PC on or off Theability to manage the PC (and wipe the drive) even if the PC is off
OS+ management agent Required Not required Works even if the OS or management agent are non-existent or corrupt

A robust security solution that meets IT’s most demanding needs

Intel® Remote Secure Erase – How Secure Erase Works

  • user data
  • System data
  • Original MEK
  • New MEK
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